The Jewish Feasts

Table of Contents:

Years ago, I prepared a PowerPoint presentation on the subject of the festivals and occasions described in Leviticus 23. I have delivered lectures on some of those slides to an audience, on several occasions.

Scriptural references in this series are, unless indicated otherwise, from a translation by Israeli author and theologian, David H. Stern, PhD: The Complete Jewish Bible®, abbreviated CJB.

Stern prepared this translation of both the Old and New Testaments, as well as a separate work, The Jewish New Testament Commentary®, JNTC, as tools for Messianic Jews to understand scripture in terms more culturally familiar to them. Personally, CJB is my favorite Bible translation because it evokes the cultural background of the Bible so well. Not being Jewish myself, and catering to non-Jewish readers, I may from time to time alter Stern’s translation to something more familiar to non-Jews. For instance, he consistently uses the term “trust”, where we are accustomed to see the term “faith”. I reserve the choice of changing it back in my discussions, within square brackets or some similar device.

Part 1, Chapter Introduction
Part 2, On Sabbaths and Days
Part 3, An Overview
Part 4, The Spring Feasts
Part 5, Passover
Part 6, The Lamb of God
Part 7, Unleavened Bread
Part 8, Early Firstfruits
Part 9, Weeks
Part 10, The Days of Awe
Part 11, Trumpets
Part 12, Atonement
Part 13, Yom Kippur Factoids
Part 14, Tabernacles

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